Jump Up Fund is the first 100% owned and managed financial authorities Regulation asset investing crowdfund in history. Our aim is to guide you to become financially free

Jump up fund was created for the revitalization and advancement of the people, it is an economic vehicle that enables working class and institutional investors to own shares and equity in a portfolio of real  assets acquired or managed by the fund through strategic private equity partnerships, public and private partnerships or debt financing. We are the jumpupfund.

  1. Create your investment account by submitting contact form
  2. Fill out the personal identifying information fields, agree to terms of use and select your accreditation status
  3. Fund your investment account via transfer
  4. Sign your subscription agreement

After the 3 month lock-up period during which no withdrawals will be completed by any member, Jump Up Fund will use its best efforts to honor requests for a return of capital subject to, among other things, the Company’s then available cash flow, financial condition, and approval by the Managers. The maximum aggregate amount of capital that the Company will return to the Members each calendar year is limited to 10.0% of the Interests of the Company as of December 31 of the prior year

Jump Up Fund should be considered a Medium-term investment vehicle, each investment is subject to a 3 month lock-up period*. Following this lock-up period, the jump up fund will distribute dividends quarterly based on the profitability of the fund.

The maximum threshold for the fund is £100,000,000. You may invest from the minimum amount of £500 up to the maximum threshold

  • Opportunity to own shares of real assets (commercial, residential, gold, business etc. for as little as £500)
  • The ability to be an owner and partner in the first 100% people fund owned and managed by financial authority regulations.
  • Our platform enables you to leverage your income and to part ownership in real assets.
  • Active participation in group economics through crowdfunding.
  • Diversified risk and rewards through crowd participation and community partnerships.
  • 10% preferred return; 50% share of the profits.
  • Open to accredited and non-accredited investors.
  • No processing fee.